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[ Welcome to Bud Jones! ]

Bud Jones is a creative community where budtenders all over the country can come together to share your story, be a part of the brand, and get free stuff! Mary Jones is a true DIY brand that is shaped by our fans and budtenders and we can’t wait to work with you on many upcoming projects!

What’s in it for you?

  • Free soda and swag giveaways
  • Enrollment in our incentive affiliate program
  • Opportunity to contribute to our quarterly nationally-distributed publication, MaryZine
  • Limited Edition Mary Jones SWAG drops
  • Invites to our sampling parties
  • Sneak previews, new news and new launch consultations

What we ask from you:

  • Your contact info; socials, email and address
  • Proof you are currently a budtender
  • Posting 3X a month about Jones or Mary Jones
  • Have an idea for a new product, flavor or format? Maybe some cool SWAG you’d like to see? holler at us with your ideas!

A little about yourself