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How do I drink Mary Jones Cannabis-infused Soda?

Treat Mary Jones Soda like any other drink! Get it cold, pop it open, and take a refreshing gulp. Begin with a 10mg dose, drink half, and give it some time to feel the effects before considering another sip.

How quickly will I feel the effects of Mary Jones Soda?

Mary Jones Soda boasts a rapid-action formula. Typically, you’ll notice the effects in about 15-45 minutes post-drinking.

Is Mary Jones Soda a good choice for those new to cannabis?

Certainly! It’s a solid pick for newcomers. With each bottle having 10mg of THC and familiar award-winning flavors, it offers a smooth entry into the Mary Jones experience. But remember, it’s always good to start off slow and see how you react.

Can I blend Mary Jones with other drinks?

Of course, Mary Jones Soda tastes amazing on its own with our unique flavor profiles. But hey, we don’t make the rules. Unleash your creativity and whip up a mocktail recipe or two! 

Though it’s possible, we suggest relishing the distinct taste of Mary Jones Soda on its own. Combining it might water down its flavor and change the experience. So, why not enjoy it pure and experience the full Mary magic?